Introducing the new Members Area!
24 March 2020

Introducing our new and improved online area for members.

As you may have noticed, we launched a new look to our website – but there was one omission – the Members Area! This is because we had to do a lot of work behind the scenes to try and get the area to work as it should, and upload our very impressive archive of over 3500+ images from Albany’s past. We’re glad you could get here and hope you enjoy what is available to view!

Please keep in mind that although we’ve tried our best to have the Members Area run smoothly, there may be a few bugs, missing bits of information, and features that are yet to be implemented. We’ll be making improvements on an ongoing basis throughout the year, including adding the ability to make the Members Area more interactive so that our shared wealth of knowledge can be easily accessible.

While we’ve managed to upload our impressive archive of photographs, you may notice that our magazine archive has shrunk: this is only temporary, as we try our best to make the magazines easily accessible from both computers and smartphones, and to make them load quickly. We’re also exploring the possibility of having individual articles transcribed to the website to make finding them easier.

As always, we welcome your feedback to and if you have any ideas or contributions for the site, we’d be happy to receive them!

Many thanks,
Tom Bird

AHS IT Officer

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